Hydrogen can be produced by the electrolysis of water by splitting of water into its component elements. This process takes place in an electrolyzer which can be described as a 'reverse' fuel cell*. instead of combining hydrogen and oxygen electrochemically to produce electricity and water as a fuel cell does, the electrolyzer uses an electrical current and water to produce hydrogen and oxygen.

The key issue here is the source of the electrical current. If grid electricity is used, the hydrogen has a carbon footprint associated with it due to the coal or gas that must be burnt to produce the necessary electricity. However, if the electricity is obtained from renewable energy such as wind or solar power, the hydrogen can be produced in a completely carbon-free way.

* (expression of reciprocal Fuel Cell is for a divide that can act as both an electrolyzer or a Fuel Cell)

Alcaline Type Electrolyzer

Available AEM Electrolyzer for sale made in a form of containerized, skid or stand alone models.

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LOMINA AEM-type hydrogen generation equipment series are newly developed green generation system by water electrolysis independently researched and developed in recent years. 

The hydrogen generation capacity per unit is ranging from 1 to 1500Nm3/h, which can be applied to the traditional industry, renewable energy power generation, hydrogen energy, infrastructure, hydrogen refueling station, natural gas hydrogenation and other fields in transportation, power storage, smart micro-grid or military.

The key technologies of the device cover the high-performance catalysts of core functional materials, the preparation technology of membrane electrodes, the corrosion mechanism under high temperature and high pressure and its corrosion protection technology; the design and processing technology of high-performance flow field plates; intelligent modular design and system integration technology and so on.

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